Timeless decors

Laminex Whites and Neutrals are available in a range of products and finishes for various applications. From cool and warm whites, to a versatile collection of organic mid-tone neutrals, and dramatic deep neutrals with green, blue, brown and grey tones that add richness and depth...

WNcoastal-project-white-cabinetry03-640x434 WNcoastal-project-white-cabinetry03-640x434
laminex-GIA-Kitchen laminex-GIA-Kitchen
Laminex-Green-Slate-Laundry Laminex-Green-Slate-Laundry
TimelessDecorLaminex-Spinifex-kitchen-benchtop TimelessDecorLaminex-Spinifex-kitchen-benchtop
micromoment-zen-kitchen micromoment-zen-kitchen
TimelessDecorjohn-crooks-white-cabinetry TimelessDecorjohn-crooks-white-cabinetry
WNLaminex-Industrial-Kitchen-John-Crooks WNLaminex-Industrial-Kitchen-John-Crooks
coastal-project-white-cabinetry coastal-project-white-cabinetry
Whites for all styles

The right shade of white can completely transform your space. Used as an all over colour or as a supporting base, whites are the perfect start to your project. Our White series includes 12 shades, from cooler tones that deliver a fresh, contemporary approach, to warmer tones that create a soft, uplifting and welcoming feel.

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Versatile neutrals

Laminex Neutrals are a collection of light through to dark rich colours that complement and contrast any colour scheme. Choose from beautiful organic mid tones to create a laid back and inviting space, or opt for deep neutrals to add drama and a sophisticated edge.

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Laminex Woodgrains

Date Issued: 29 Aug 2022


Laminex Woodgrains

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Laminex National Availability Guide

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Laminex National Availability Guide

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