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HI-MACS® sinks & basins can be seamlessly integrated into HI-MACS® acrylic solid surface benchtops with no visible joins to provide the ultimate in aesthetics and design flexibility. Produced using a high-quality casting technique, HI-MACS® sinks & basins are hygienic and durable, while maintaining a soft warm touch.

Explore all HI-MACS® Basins

Explore all HI-MACS® Sinks

Seamless integration

Sinks and basins can be easily integrated into the benchtop, providing a smooth, visually seamless surface that supports both hygiene and aesthetic appeal.


Seamless installation of sinks and basins provides a homogenous surface area that prevents germs, bacteria and pathogens from accumulating. The surface is non-porous and 100% water resistant, making it suitable for use in public health related areas where cleanliness in paramount.

Easy to clean

HI-MACS® can be cleaned using a moist cloth and commercial detergent, removing almost all dirt without leaving residue.

Scratch resistant

HI-MACS® can be re-polished in the event of small scratches – without the need for a tradesman.

Customised designed sinks and basins

HI-MACS® Ultra-Thermoforming Alpine White creates limitless possibilities when creating custom designed sinks and basins. The innovative formula contains 30% more thermoplastic capabilities than the standard range of HI-MACS® acrylic solid surface materials, enabling the creation of accentuated curves. This has advantages in kitchen and bathroom design where the radius of washbasins can be made significantly smaller to improve aesthetics.

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HI-MACS® Technical Support

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Image Credits

Basin: CB503. Photography: © Studio Podrini – HI-MACS®
Small sink: CS204. Large sink: CS604. Photography: © Studio Podrini – HI-MACS®
Baby bath: CB680. Sink: CS553. Photogprahy: ©Studio Podrini – HI-MACS®
Sink: CS604. Photography: © Studio Podrini – HI-MACS®
Sink: CS553. Photography: © Studio Podrini – HI-MACS®
Design and Engineering: Fran Canós Studio. Photography: © Lope Matías