Our sustainability commitment

Since the beginning, we have always been about driving innovation and progress across our category. As times have changed, our commitment has changed its focus to the constant improvement and enhancement of our environmental performance, reducing our carbon footprint, minimising waste, being more energy efficient and incorporating ethically-sourced materials into our ranges. We are proud of the positive progress we have made on our sustainability journey.

The transition to the circular economy and the journey to net zero is far from over. We maintain a conscious commitment to environmental and social sustainability and achieving our sustainability goals across all of our operations. We all have a role to play in creating a more sustainable future and we hope that you will join us on our sustainability journey.

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Local Manufacturing

Being a Proud Australian manufacturer provides confidence in the quality, integrity and sustainability of our products, where the resources and raw materials come from, and the way they’re managed.

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Product Innovation

Laminex has a well-known pedigree for beautiful high-quality laminates. Less well-known is the that the company has actively been working for many years to reduce its carbon footprint, minimise waste and incorporate ethically-sourced materials into its products.

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Social Impact

We are dedicated to fostering postiive social impact. Providing a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace is paramount. Our commitment to local manufacturing provides vital support to communities and businesses. Transparency of our performance is essential for shared learning and continious improvement. Our robust framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes ensure we meet best practice standards of governance.

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Laminex has a range of certifications and policies available to make specficaition of our products easier, providing the environemental and social impact goverance required by a number of industry bodies.