Laminex woodgrain laminates realistically capture the colours, textures and fibre detail of natural timbers in a surface material that’s highly durable, easy to clean and affordable.

Key Features

Available in a wide range of authentic décors — recreating everything from oak, maple, and birch ply to jarrah and walnut —they offer superior scratch, stain, heat, and UV resistance, so they won’t age or discolour with repeated use, as timbers can in similar interior applications.

Light Warm Tones

Light woodgrains offer elegant simplicity and work perfectly for a modern style. These décors are inspired by maple and oak timber and range from pale, golden hues, through to rich caramels and classic mid tones.

Dark Warm Tones

Dark tone woodgrains are inspired by traditional hardwood and encompass a range of mid-brown hues to rich dark chocolates and blacks to create a sophisticated edge.

Grey Tones

From pale ash hues to smoky undertones, grey tone woodgrains draw inspiration from weathered natural timber and are a versatile choice for interiors.

Laminex Woodgrains by CJH Studio

CJH Studio worked with the Laminex Colour Collection to design four contemporary interior spaces, showcasing the beauty and design versatility of Laminex Woodgrain laminate.

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Proudly Manufactured in Australia
Laminex has been a proud Australian manufacturer for over 85 years with our range made locally at our factories around Australia. Laminex is proud to be the only Australian manufacturer of thin high pressure and compact laminates.

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Laminex Woodgrains

Date Issued: 29 Aug 2022


Laminex Woodgrains

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Laminex National Availability Guide

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Laminex National Availability Guide

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