What is Noir Style?

It takes courage to decorate your space with black - but it's a leap that pays off.When executed well, the style is inviting and comfortable, with black absorbing the light beautifully. The key to the Noir aesthetic is the layering of an inky palette and a mixture of textures in dusky tones. Simple, masculine-style furniture, comfortable textiles, beautiful rugs, drapery and accessories should all contrast and play up their texture. Design lines are always clean and simple with no frivolous details.

Germancraft-Noir-Kitchen-640x434.jpg Germancraft-Noir-Kitchen-640x434.jpg
image-noir-304x434.jpg image-noir-304x434.jpg
Noir-Kitchen-Kate-Walker-Design-690x987.jpg Noir-Kitchen-Kate-Walker-Design-690x987.jpg
Jackalope-Noir-Desk-304x434.jpg Jackalope-Noir-Desk-304x434.jpg

The Noir Base Palette

The hero of Noir style is, of course, black. Laminex Black is beautifully warmed and grounded against a golden, lightly grained timber such as Laminex Classic Oak. The use of a timber in the Noir look brings the space directly back down to earth.

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Laminex Colour Collection

Classic Oak

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Space designed by

Germancraft Cabinets

Noir Kitchen by Germancraft

Gold Coast cabinet makers GermanCraft have layered different textures beautifully to create a bold, yet inviting kitchen space in Noir style.

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