What is Glamour Style?

This style is inspired by the enduring glamour of European architecture. The base elements incorporate a stunning mix of high skirting, feature cornices, wall mouldings, panelling and ceiling roses. The cabinetry lines are simple, but there is an underlying feminine touch to this style. Glamour can come from an exquisite marble look bench top, cabinetry handles with just the right amount of bling or simply from injections of flowers and artwork.

Laminex-Glamour-Kitchen-Fino-Venato-640x434.jpg Laminex-Glamour-Kitchen-Fino-Venato-640x434.jpg
Sable-On-Palm-Glamour-Kitchen-304x434.jpg Sable-On-Palm-Glamour-Kitchen-304x434.jpg
Glamour-Kitchen-Sable-on-Palm-1410x987.jpg Glamour-Kitchen-Sable-on-Palm-1410x987.jpg
Sable-On-Palm-Island-Bench-Glamour-640x434.jpg Sable-On-Palm-Island-Bench-Glamour-640x434.jpg
Sable-On-Palm-Cabinetry-Glamour-304x434.jpg Sable-On-Palm-Cabinetry-Glamour-304x434.jpg

The Glamour Base Palette

The base palette for the Glamour look is pure theatre. The dark and smouldering Laminex Blackened Legno delivers a stunning contrast to the base colour of softly elegant Laminex Oyster Grey. This sophisticated palette is highly skilled at showcasing beautiful detailing and light catching elements of the decorated space.

Laminex Colour Collection

Blackened Legno

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Laminex Colour Collection

Oyster Grey

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Glen Williams Constructions

Glamour Kitchen - Sable on Palm

Cabinetry created in Laminex AbsoluteMatte Black adds depth and demonstrates a fabulous contrast to the island bench top in Essastone Unique Calacatta - Gloss in this Glamour kitchen.

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