What is Scandinavian Style?

Emerging mid-century, Scandinavian design has it's roots in modernism with simple design, functionality and minimalism at it's core. A restricted palette of timber and white, often accented by muted pastels and geometric patterns highlights the simplicity of this style. Now one of the world's most popular styles, this look will transition easily from room to room and layers beautifully with furniture and cabinetry elements.

Laminex-Scandi-Styling-304x434.jpg Laminex-Scandi-Styling-304x434.jpg
Laminex-Scandi-Galley-Kitchen--640x434.jpg Laminex-Scandi-Galley-Kitchen--640x434.jpg
Quest-Copenhagen-Scandi-640x434.jpg Quest-Copenhagen-Scandi-640x434.jpg
Deicke-Richards-TriCare-Project-Scandi-304x434.jpg Deicke-Richards-TriCare-Project-Scandi-304x434.jpg
Laminex-Scandi-Kitchen--640x434.jpg Laminex-Scandi-Kitchen--640x434.jpg
Laminex-Industrial-Kitchen-Mint-Kitchens-1410x987.jpg Laminex-Industrial-Kitchen-Mint-Kitchens-1410x987.jpg

The Scandinavian Base Palette

Scandinavian style begins with a base of cool whites and pale greys, layering in neutrals and pale woodgrains to create warmth. Laminex Polar White creates a perfect base for a Scandinavian interior, working with light to medium toned timbers, such as Laminex Sublime Teak.

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