What is Industrial Style?

Referencing the history of a space, Industrial style originated from edgy New York style loft conversions. Large-scale, black framed windows, exposed architectural features such as trusses, ceilings and brickwork all create an authentic Industrial vibe, and reference the origins of a space (whether real or not). Concrete style flooring, benchtops and aged timber surfaces also help nudge a space well into the Industrial zone.

Laminex-Industrial-Kitchen-John-Crooks-02-691x987.jpg Laminex-Industrial-Kitchen-John-Crooks-02-691x987.jpg
Laminex-Industrial-Bathroom-John-Crooks-691x987.jpg Laminex-Industrial-Bathroom-John-Crooks-691x987.jpg
Industrial-Styling-304x434.jpg Industrial-Styling-304x434.jpg

The Industrial Base Palette

Industrial interiors are essentially monochromatic, with texture used to create interest and warmth. A warm, neutral colour such as Laminex Aries is a great all over starting point in any Industrial space. And timber – such an essential element of this style choice – must be unrefined with warm tones and rich grain, such as Laminex Aged Walnut.

Laminex Colour Collection


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Laminex Colour Collection

Aged Walnut

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Industrial Kitchen by John Crooks

Melbourne designer John Crooks has pulled together cabinetry in both Laminex White Textile - Natural and Laminex Impressions Sublime Teak to deliver a cool, Industrial vibe.

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