Deep Below

Celebrating resilience and inner strength with confident combinations of deep blues, dark greys and shades of black.

Taking a deeper dive beneath the surface, we find our true selves, and a greater sense of strength and resilience can be discovered. At a time when worries about the environment, and social and political unrest, can feel overwhelming, this inner strength is more important than ever. In Deep Below, we see it in bold, rich, confident tones and emphatic expressions of deep colour – strong, deep blues supported by smoky blue tones, dark woodgrains and even black.

The Palette

The darkness that connects these decors presents opportunities for an almost monotonal colour scheme. But, although we may not see everything at these depths, there are treasures to be found. Liquid-inspired, fluid surfaces, create distinct sculpture forms that play with shadow and reflection. Rich jewelled tones appear, which, combined with metallic finishes, are reminiscent of eras gone by. These colours are untamed, glamorous, vibrant, regal. The colours of the art deco resurgence, offering a new depth in classics.

And like the creatures found in the deepest oceans, these colours are also enticing; they draw us closer. This is why, despite the darkness, Deep Below can be inviting, safe, embracing, compelling.

Deep Below 1

Sub Palettes Deep Below 1
Laminex Charcoal and Laminex Smoked Birchply

This is a strong palette, clean and architectural, and suited to both classic and contemporary interiors. Laminex Lava Grey is a perfect mid-tone grey and, because of its warmth, is highly versatile. Together with Smoked Birchply and deeper grey Charcoal, it creates a rich monotonal palette. Classic blue French Navy, a key decor for 2020, sits wonderfully with these tonal variances, while the introduction of Dulux Blue Shell reflects the movement towards placing cooler colours against warmer tones. This scheme would be perfectly accented by raw patinated or brushed metallics. The coloured plywood woodgrain detail in Smoked Birchply adds contemporary character.

Deep Below 2

Sub Palettes Deep Below 2
Laminex Midnight and Laminex China Blue

Deep Below shows how a colour palette can be dark yet fresh. The neutrals here, Laminex China Blue, Winter Sky and Midnight, will all work beautifully on their own, but can be layered to sensual effect. Similarly, rich woodgrain Blackened Legno is well suited to large-scale use, such as wall panelling, but will work seamlessly with these deep neutrals, for example as cabinetry with the neutrals as feature internal carcasses. This combination is ideal for new classic interiors with architectural detail and a strong juxtaposition of modern furniture. Add velvet fabrics and rich wall colours and you have a key palette for 2020.

Deep Below 3

Sub Palettes Deep Below 3
Laminex Steel Blue

This palette may look masculine, but placing the emphasis on different decors shifts it from smoky to slightly cleaner. Grey-based blue Laminex Steel Blue is naturally appealing as a mid-tone neutral, and its depth is perfectly aligned with Gunmetal. The tonal play here is just beautiful and, elevated by the pops of more vibrant blue from Denim and Dulux Master Blue, makes for a highly desirable colour combination for 2020. The marble-look Nero Grafite is an ideal addition, with vein detail showing subtle colour nuances outside its striking black-and-white contrast, and at scale well suited to benchtops or wall panelling. 

Palette Highlights

Beneath The Surface Forecast 2020

As the pace of modern life increases, our yearning to connect with nature grows. We look for colours, textures and shapes that celebrate the energising spirit of the natural world. Beneath The Surface finds them in our planet’s vast oceans, and the places where land meets sea.

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