A palette that exemplifies our freedom and new state of being. The world has changed and our approach to design and colour reflects our renewed wellbeing. New themes that enliven and empower, refresh and uplift are central to the Laminex Design Directions of 2023.

Hinting at what lies within, the four new collections – Connected Calm, Nature’s Nurture, Energised Contrast and Sunburnt Country – are shaking off the conservative colourways that have dominated trends for the last few years and have replaced them with optimism and views to the future.

Not to be underestimated, our time under COVID 19 pushed us inwards and inside, colours became safe and reliable, mirroring our search for the familiar and for comfort in times of stress and anxiety. As we emerge, we give ourselves a chance to reset and restore, establishing a palette that explodes with life and vigour; colour combinations that energise and reassure. Connecting us to nature is paramount and our association with the outdoors emboldened by the use of green, TrueScale Minerals and Laminex Woodgrains.

Call it our wellness palette or care collection, it is a chance to express ourselves and break free of the reductivism of recent years.

Welcome to the Laminex Design Directions of 2023.

Nature's Nurture

A response to our shared COVID experience, increased importance has been placed on our connection to nature. If anything, we are emboldened by our return, stronger than ever.

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Connected Calm

Moving away from traditional neutrals, the palette of Connected Calm doesn’t clamour for attention, but never leaves us second guessing about who’s in control.

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Energised Contrast

Find harmony and balance in the juxtaposing colours and hues of Energised Contrast. Play with pop and saturated brights to create palettes and rooms that uplift and inspire.

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Sunburnt Country

Delve deep into earth with naturally based colours evocative of Australia’s dramatic desert and coastal landscape.

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