The harmony of organic textures

Calm Character celebrates the natural textural beauty of marble, terrazzo and timber. There are ten new Laminex decors in the collection, each one carefully designed with reduced contrast levels and tone-on-tone colouration so they sit harmoniously alongside a wide range of materials and finishes.

Laminex Danish Walnut evokes classic mid-century design with its rich colour and subdued woodgrain patterning. It makes for a luxurious pairing with the softly contrasted grey marbling of Laminex Figured Limestone.

Inspired by the worldwide popularity of terrazzo surfaces, Laminex Tumbled Terrazzo has contemporary graphical appeal, but with a neutral colouring that sits comfortably alongside the authentic woodgrain of Danish Walnut.

Laminex Shou Sugi emulates the glossy, cracked surface of Japanese charred timber. Contrasted with the swirling stone patterning of Laminex Pietra Cloud, it provides a textural take on a monochrome interior.

The random organic vein structure of Laminex Figured Limestone combines beautifully with creamy-white and finely textured Laminex Brushed Stainless Steel in this natural-feeling tonal interior.

Laminex Carrara Delicata features delicate grey veins on a solid white background. It makes an elegant counterpoint to the glossy blackness of Laminex Shou Sugi and visual softness of AbsoluteMatte White.

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