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Thinking about taking on a room transformation with Surround by Laminex?
We're here to help you get started!

Whilst taking on a DIY project can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming and confusing.
Not sure what style youre after? What colours and textures you want to incorporate?
Or even where to begin?

The Surround by Laminex Guide to Getting Started has all the tips you need for next project!

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Guide to Getting Started

Step 1 - Inspiration

There are two keys to creating a successful room: Research and Planning.
Start by getting to know what you like — think of the colours, textures, furniture, fabrics and artworks that make you smile.

Planning a moodboard will be your guide to creating your clear vision of the finished room.
Gather everything you’ve collected in one place and start building a collage of things that work together.

Download our Guide to Getting Started for the best tips on Research & Planning.

Step 2 - Panel Selection

Choosing the right Surround by Laminex profile for your space can be tricky. The shape of the profile you choose will help to create a particular mood or feeling in your room.

Download your Guide to Getting Started with Surround by Laminex for tips on choosing the right profile for your space.

The designs of the Surround By Laminex range are protected by Australian Design Registrations.

Step 3 - Design Ideas

Deciding exactly how you use Surround by Laminex panels depends on a few factors; the architecture of the space, the type of profile you choose, the function of the room and the effect you want to achieve.

There are plenty of design options with Surround by Laminex decorative panels. You can consider half or full wall applications, wrap around corners, installing a banquet seat, or even a bedhead with a decorative ledge.

Download your Guide to Getting Started with Surround for the best design ideas for your space.

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

Surround by Laminex panels come pre-primed, ready to paint in your colour of choice so you can personalise your space.

With a plethora of paint colours to choose from, consider the permanent elements in the room like flooring, benchtops or windows that will need to work in the space.

For more tips on finishing touches, download your Guide to Getting Started with Surround by Laminex.

For the best tips and tricks for your upcoming room transformation with Surround by Laminex, download your Guide to Getting Started today!