Whether you’re seeking the luxurious look and feel of an ultra-matte surface, the organic texture of timber veneer or recycled paper, super-high gloss or something else, you’ll find it here.

Laminex AbsoluteMatte

AbsoluteMatte is an ultra-matte, fingerprint-resistant surface with a luxurious look and silky-smooth feel.

Laminex AbsoluteMatte Green Slate & AbsoluteMatte Black Kitchen Joinery & Benchtops. | Design & Styling: Bree Leech. | Photography: Lisa Cohen.

Applications: AbsoluteMatte HPL high-pressure laminate is suitable for horizontal applications such as benchtops, reception counters, desks and tables, while AbsoluteMatte Panels can be used vertically for cabinetry and wall cladding.

Colours: They’re available in ten decors perfect for contemporary interiors, including timeless whites, super-cool ultra-matte black and a range of on-trend neutrals.

Laminex AbsoluteMatte


Laminex Natural finish

Natural finish lives up to its name with its low-sheen appearance and smooth feel. It’s also highly durable and easy to maintain.

Laminex Green Slate in Natural finish. | Design & Styling: Bree Leech. | Photography: Derek Swalwell.

Applications: Natural is our standard finish for high-pressure laminate, decorated board and compact laminate, making it suitable for everything from benchtops and cabinetry to wall panelling and toilet partitions.

Colours: It comes in an expansive selection of decors from the Laminex Colour Collection, including the entire Whites & Neutrals, Woodgrains, Minerals and Accents ranges.

Laminex Natural


Laminex Flint finish

Flint is a subtly textured finish with a moderate sheen, offering great durability and easy maintenance.

Applications: It’s available for decorated board, so is suitable for vertical use in cabinetry, as well as large-format commercial applications such as wall panelling and office partitions.

Colours: Flint comes in a broad palette of decors from the Whites & Neutrals range, plus a selection of Woodgrains, Accents and Minerals.

Laminex Flint


Laminex Chalk finish

Chalk is a low-gloss tactile finish that replicates the natural look and feel of raw timber veneer.

Laminex Planked Urban Oak in Chalk finish.

Applications: It’s available as high-pressure laminate, decorated board and compact laminate, so can be used for a variety of horizontal and vertical applications, but particularly benchtops and cabinetry in kitchens, pantries and wet areas.

Colours: Chalk’s visual appearance and tactility brings enhanced authenticity to a selection of decors from Laminex’s Woodgrains range.

Laminex Chalk


Laminex Nuance Finish

Nuance finish uses physically embossed gloss and matte layers to recreate the effect of sandblasted straight woodgrain to add beauty and realism.

Laminex Black in Nuance finish.

Applications: It was designed to bring refined organic character to cabinetry and low-wear surfaces, and is available as high-pressure laminate, decorated board and compact laminate.

Colours: Nuance comes in a palette of decors from Laminex’s Whites & Neutrals, Woodgrains and Accents ranges.

Laminex Nuance


Laminex PureGrain

Laminex PureGrain is a luxurious new finish that emulates the delicate woodgrain texture of painted timber veneer, with visual and tactile contrast created by “zero gloss” detailing in the surface.

Laminex PureGrain Oyster Grey & Terril Bedroom Joinery. Laminex PureGrain Tornado. | Design & Styling: Bree Leech. | Photography: Lisa Cohen.

Applications: It’s part of Laminex’s range of decorated board, so is perfect for vertical cabinetry surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as built-in bedroom wardrobes, office furniture, workstations, retail fit-outs, wall cladding and shelving.

Colours: PureGrain is available in six decors closely aligned with contemporary interior trends, selected from our Whites & Neutrals range.

Laminex PureGrain


Laminex Paper finish

Paper finish has the organic, handmade texture and seemingly random undulations of recycled paper, the result of its production from 30% recycled content.

Laminex Tonal Paper Terazzo Benchtop.

Applications: Its available as high-pressure laminate and is suitable for use on square-edge benchtops.

Colours: Paper finish is currently available for two unique decors, Laminex Tinted paper Terrazzo and Tonal Paper Terrazzo, which incorporate flecks of coloured paper much like the aggregate in terrazzo.

Laminex Paper


Laminex Metallics

The Metallics range of laminates uses real metal foils to recreate a wide array of visual effects, from subtle and surprising to brilliant and bold.

Laminex Copper Brush Island & Rangehood. | Design: GIA Renovations. | Styling: Nat J Styling. | Photography: Derek Swalwell

Applications: It’s available exclusively as high-pressure laminate and has been designed specifically for creating impact on vertical surfaces – wall panelling, kickers, splashbacks and more.

Colours: The 14 decors in the Metallics range include glamourous brushed textures, sophisticated tinted effects and highly polished anodised finishes.

Laminex Metallics


Laminex AbsoluteGloss

AbsoluteGloss uses technologically advanced foil to deliver a super-high-gloss finish combined with outstanding durability and easy maintenance.

Laminex AbsoluteGloss Terril Kitchen Joinery. Styling: Bek Sheppard. Photography: Annette O’Brien.

Applications: AbsoluteGloss Panels are suitable for vertical use, providing the a practical and cost-effective alternative to 2 Pac polyurethane-painted timber for cabinetry doors and panels.

Colours: AbsoluteGloss adds a luxurious lustre to six contemporary decors from Laminex’s Whites & Neutrals range.

Laminex AbsoluteGloss


Laminex DiamondGloss finish

DiamondGloss is a stunning high-gloss surface, polished to perfection giving it a brilliance that is both striking and refined.

Applications: It’s available exclusively as high-pressure laminate, ideal for use as a visually striking benchtop surface.

Colours: DiamondGloss comes in a range of decors from Laminex’s Minerals range to recreate the look of highly polished stone, as well as a selection of solid colours from the Whites & Neutrals range.

Laminex DiamondGloss


Laminex Silk finish

Silk is a luxurious semi-gloss finish adds sleek style to cabinetry.

Laminex Silk Oyster Grey Kitchen Joinery. | Styling: Bek Sheppard.| Photography: Annette O’Brien.

Applications: It’s available as decorated board suitable for cabinetry doors, drawers, interiors and panels, as well as vanities, wardrobes, shelving and wall panels.

Colours: Silk comes in 12 popular and practical decors from Laminex’s Whites & Neutrals range, and four Woodgrain decors.

Laminex Silk


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