Cool contrasts are matched with bold colour combinations, while shapes and forms give a knowing wink to mid-century diners. Starting the day has never been so much fun.

Studio Doherty have created a second kitchen for their collaboration with Laminex. Designed to inspire first time renovators and builders in smaller homes or apartments. This is a place to cook, eat and connect, showing us that great kitchens aren’t just for large spaces.

After debuting the wonderful Scoop Kitchen, Laminex x Studio Doherty introduces Nest, proving once again that with a solid foundation and a considered palate, creative and responsive rooms can be designed and built for spaces of any size.

“In a larger kitchen you’d have a separate dining area whereas in a smaller kitchen, in an apartment, things have to work a little harder and the idea of integrating the dining was essential to the success of this design. We loved the idea of having a circular dining section that inserted itself into the island bench,” says Mardi Doherty, Director, Studio Doherty.

Nest’s greatest strength is the way it demonstrates the possibility of colour and how being playful can work in all spaces but can be particularly effective in smaller areas.

“The choice of colour was the biggest challenge, we knew people might feel conflicted about blue and green as a combination, but we really love it and seeing these two finishes together just made a lot of sense to us. It feels quite lively and inviting. And it feels friendly, which we really love,” says Doherty on the design and palate decisions.

The prominent curve of Nest is it’s defining feature – cossetting and comforting with a warm embrace - it has more than a hint of nostalgia. It’s a familiarity that can found in much of Studio Doherty’s work, and here, in the mid-century charm that Nest exudes, we are reminded of retro diners and a homestyle hospitality, brought up to date in a contemporary version of a classic.

To the left of the kitchen a suspended pantry makes for a striking contrast in Laminex Kalamata AbsoluteMatte; a beautifully deep plum-red that expresses Laminex’s colour potential. The pantry has been lined using Laminex Coastal Sunrise in the doors and panels, while Laminex Just Blue and Pale Honey line the back and shelves respectively. It has produced whimsical results that defy any possibility of boredom, and make the space feel more like an Italian deli from a 50s film, living up to Doherty’s idea of a fun and friendly space.

Studio Doherty specified a whole host of Laminex decors, and in the construction and manufacture of the kitchen, several surfaces and techniques have been employed to highlight the design potential of Laminex range.

Beginning with Laminex Surf, a slightly dirty white, yellow based neutral, its strength is its ability to work perfectly with timber and earthy tones. In Nest it anchors Studio Doherty’s elaborate palate, keeping everything cool and calm.

Always playful, but never at the expense of practicality, Studio Doherty has linked each zone with care and consideration. Features like the drawer at the end of banquette make an ideal home for kids’ toys, picnic gear or oversized platters and plates. Matching the Laminex Olivine seen throughout, the central table stands proud on three legs, stained very carefully to coordinate with the Laminex Smoked Birchply of the underside, giving texture, personality and added depth to the palate. The backing bar completes the thematic play of Nest and allows for fun little interventions like art, vases and books to find a home in the nook provided.

“Great kitchens shouldn’t just be for large spaces,” says Doherty.

Campaign: Laminex
Design: Studio Doherty
Photographer: Derek Swalwell
Stylist: Natalie James
Art Direction: Ortolan
Joinery: Evolve Interiors
Tiled Floor and Splashback: Artedomus
Appliances: Fisher&Pakel

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