Good design isn’t just aesthetic, nor should it be the bastion of the wealthy and few. Good design should make our lives better, easier and with that, happier. Arli Homes seems to think so, and their range of homes are making quality architecture and interior design more accessible to more people. As they see it, new homeowners need not be bound by homogenously designed homes devoid of personality and style.

“What we saw when we came into the market, in the volume builder space, was that all the homes looked the same, very cookie cutter,” says Sharon Calleja, Co-Director, Arli Homes. “There wasn't really much opportunity for clients to choose anything else unless they were willing to spend lots of money on a custom build.”

Distinguishing their homes by their approach to design, Arli is enabling new homeowners to purchase an architecturally designed home with features and finishes usually reserved for higher-end, bespoke projects. Their new Isla 28 home is a wonderful case in point.

“It wasn't easy, and it did come with a lot of challenges,” says Sam Calleja, Co-Director Arli Homes but I think we've been able to get it to a point now where our suppliers and trades understand the expectations we have.”

Surround by Laminex Demi Round 20 features as Island Front and Living Room wall. Kitchen joinery in Laminex Alaskan Chalk Finish and Alpaca Natural Finish. Lliving Room joinery in Laminex Alaskan in Nuance Finish.

Partnering with celebrated architects DKO, Arli developed a series of designs that would encapsulate their thinking and the gap in the market. Their homes incorporate many things, but each should feature “minimal, yet refined forms… and seek sophistication through a highly detailed approach,” explain DKO. The result is an emphasis on wellbeing, working off the idea that the “home should be somewhere tranquil, soft and able to act as a remedy to the outside world.”

“Our design philosophy revolves around delivering quality built homes without the hefty price tag. Having DKO, who are obviously very experienced with interiors for hotels and high-end residential clients means we can draw on that expertise and realise the spaces and homes we’re trying to achieve,” explains Sharon.

“We felt that the facades had to be a standout,” says Sharon, “designing and investing in them so that we could replicate them on scale.” Isla 28’s Alloy Façade, stands out for its use of quality materials and techniques from the outset, employing modern, decorative brickwork, large, floor to ceiling, glass windows and a pitch roof to great success.

Inside Isla 28, an interior designer’s eye is evident. Square set wall and ceiling junctions set a tone, but the addition of quiet texture in the form of Surround by Laminex elevate the spaces. The use of warmer whites, greys and softer, subtle finishes feel more personal than display home predictability.

“We use it a lot (Surround by Laminex)” says Sam, “and it’s a feature of Isla 28. It’s easy to install and it has a paint finish, so the client can pick whatever colour they want. It ticks all the boxes and effectively and instantly elevates any space.”

Specified in the kitchen island, study nook wall, mudroom and living room wall, Surround by Laminex in Demi Round 20 is a feature that never shouts, but instead suggests a designer’s hand and consideration, adding texture and depth to what would otherwise be a simple, yet non-descript wall. It’s in these moments that Arli and their Isla home rises above.

Surround by Laminex Demi Round 20 features as Island Front. Study Nook and Mudrooom walls feature Surround by Laminex Demi Round 20 and joinery in Laminex Alaskan in Nuance Finish.

Elsewhere, Laminex is used in a range of joinery applications including the kitchen and laundry cabinetry. Laminex Impressions or Natural ranges are standard across Arli Homes, the finish and features making it the perfect choice for both designer and client. Reversed bevelled edge cabinet doors with soft closing mechanisms effortlessly imply minimalism and luxury not usually seen in a market known for cutting corners.

“Laminex has been pivotal for us,” says Sharon, “and the products they make are amazing. Timber laminates that look like real timber means you can achieve such an amazing look without having to use typical high-end finishes like veneer or two pack.”

Kitchen and Laundry joinery in Laminex Alaskan in Chalk Finish and Laminex Alpaca in Natural Finish.

Identifying the market was just the start, with enthusiasm and a strong vision, Arli are differentiating their homes the only way they know how. Their new designs, coupled with some modern thinking (including solar water heating, climate control and recycling of all site waste) are setting the standard for what volume builders should and can be.