Add this component into "FB Container". 

1. Component Name - Custom Page Content -> Micromoment Promotion Folder

The component is list of micromoment promotions which has below fields

Field Name Description Comments
Image    Image aspect ratio - 7:10
Heading Text Heading text for the component
Text Paragraph text for the component Optional - will not display if left empty
Link Button link Optional - will not display if left empty
 MobileImageOverride Image used on mobile devices

Setting this field will override the image displayed on mobile breakpoints

Image aspect ratio - 10:7

Rendering Variant -Vertical Scroll

Data-source Location - /sitecore/content/Fletcher Building/Laminex AU/Data/MicromomentPromotions


When there is no quick link items, click below "insert item" option to add a new quick link.

To add a new vertical scroll item click at the end of any vertical scroll item. Below dialog box will be displayed. When you click on '+', new image scroll item will be created. 

To edit a MobileImageOverride click on image icon on below dialog box


Note - Make sure there are more than one micromoment promotions under Micromoment Promotion Folder. If you only have one micromoment promotions then please use micromoment promotion instead. 

Caption Text field in component is not used for vertical scroll component