There are certain renderings that are editable and others that you cannot edit. If you can edit a rendering, a floating toolbar appears.

To edit a rendering:

  1. Click the rendering that you want to edit and in the floating toolbar, click Edit component properties Picture 4. If the rendering is a text, you can edit it directly on the page. You can also click the edit style icon Picture 3from the floating toolbar.
  2. In the Control properties dialog, specify the rendering behavior and/or styles that you want. The available options depend on the type of rendering. For all renderings, you can change the style settings. For example, you can change the paragraph style of the title or change the dimensions of the preview icon.


    Do not change the Placeholder and Data Source properties. Changing these properties can cause the rendering to disappear or may lead to other unexpected behavior.

  3. To change the style, in the Control properties dialog go to the Styling section, select the style you want.
  4. Click Publish to publish the data source assigned to the rendering. It will not publish the site.