Light woodgrains

Deemed appropriate for most, if not all living zones in the home, light woodgrains provide a popular and versatile look. Commonly used to support trends like Nordic or Scandinavian, light woodgrains also work well in traditional or modern interiors.

Forming light and airy living areas, light woodgrains also inspire a feeling of being closer to nature. Mimic the outdoor natural style by introducing indoor plants to complement natural woodgrains, while simultaneously giving your interior a splash of colour.

For kitchens, try breaking up light woodgrain floors and cupboards with a polished concrete benchtop and stainless steel appliances. Alternatively, finish an established room with light woodgrain dinnerware to bring the added benefit of functional use for indoor and outdoor dining. Whether updating a tired space with few inclusions or taking on a full makeover, light woodgrains are sure to be an attractive, long-standing designer option.

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