1. Add this component into "FB Container Fluid"

2. Component Name - StyleCards

The component StyleCards has list of "styleCard" component as its children

Field Name Description Comments
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3. Component Name - StyleCard

Field Name Description Comments
Style Card Image Image for the style card Required with image ratio 10:7. Minimum dimension for the 304px * 434px
Title Name of the style card  Required. Maximum 20 characters
 Link Link to respective style page Required. Maximum 20 characters for link title 
 Background color Background color for title  

Rendering Variant - Default

Data-source Location -  Data


Insert Style Card Item (when there is none present)

When there is no style card items, click below "insert item" option to add a new style card.


Add/Sort Style card items

To add a new style card item click at the end of any image scroll item. Below dialog box will be displayed. When you click on '+', new style card item will be created. 

You can also use up and down arrows to sort items.

Background color

To change background color for style card item click on the color palette and specify color.

Component guidelines

Minimum 4 style cards are required with maximum 24 stylecards