In combination with other on-trend colours, the beautiful new wave of pastel decors will add a sophisticated accent to your home.

Pastels have returned to the spotlight, but they’ve grown up since the 1980s! They’re more nuanced, more sophisticated, with a chalky, dreamy tone that can play an influential supporting role in kitchens, bathrooms and other interior spaces. Use them as an accent or highlight on cabinetry, and they’ll bring your home to life.

Pastel trends for 2020

From warm pinks and delicate greens to soft blues and purples, the new wave of muted pastel decors is truly stunning. They’re a feature of Laminex Forecast 2020, with Laminex’s trend forecasters recommending they be used as highlights or accents, the perfect supporting tones to a range of colours that will be prominent in the coming year. And depending on which colours you combine these new pastels with, you can create interiors with very different looks and feelings. For example, layered with warm neutrals from the forecast’s Calm palette, they can build a dreamy sense of softness and tranquillity. Or contrasted with the nuanced brights, tinted neutrals and chalky pastels of See the Light, they bring freshness and energy.

Laminex See The Light
See The Light: Rear wall Laminex Tenderfoot, foreground and floor plinth Laminex Oyster Grey, circular wall Laminex Fresh Spring & rear wall Laminex Just Rose

Cabinetry is the perfect place to introduce these colour combinations, not least because the Laminex Colour Collection provides all of the decors you’ll need to create your desired effect. Here are some simple ideas for how to do it, with suggested decor pairings for extra inspiration.

Coloured cabinetry interiors

Applying colour to the interior surfaces of open cabinetry makes for a beautiful design feature, and creates greater visual depth than in single-decor cabinetry. Alternatively, coloured cabinetry interiors can be concealed behind doors and drawers, revealing a surprising pop of your favourite pastel decor every time they’re opened.

Laminex wardrobe
Wardrobe featuring Laminex Just Rose and Laminex Fox Teakwood

Cabinetry in grey-brown Laminex Weathered Ash has the comforting character of aged timber and is a beautiful tonal match for internal surfaces in grey-blue Steel Blue or grey-green Spinifex. For punchier contrast, cabinetry in deep brown Laminex Earth will be enlivened by internals in playful pink Just Rose.

Back panels within bookshelves

Don’t just think of a built-in bookcase as a functional fixture. Get extra value from that wall space by adding a pastel-coloured back panel to contrast against the shelving and side panels.

With Laminex Weathered Ash again used for the main structure, a back panel in mauve-based Silver Grey will bring a softness that resonates with the “greyed-off” appearance of old timber. For a brighter, more colourful look, the gentle warmth and refined woodgrain patterning of Laminex Waxed Maple makes an elegant contrast with pastel blue Fresh Spring.

Contrast edging

Laminate benchtops are making a big comeback, thanks to the many possibilities for colour and design that they offer. Contrast edging is one of their most appealing benefits – slim or wide, bold or subtle, they are a simple way to emphasise colour and texture.

In an on-trend dark-toned kitchen, the saturated colour of blue-grey Laminex Terril is a wonderful organic alternative to black cabinetry. With edging in Silver Grey, it will create an effect similar to metallic edging but with a welcome softness. In a lighter kitchen, kitchen island in Raw Brichply might be paired with a wide band of edging in Just Rose or Fresh Spring.

Laminex Colour Kitchen
Laminex kitchen featuring Laminex Raw Birchply island with Laminex Just Rose metallic edging
Feature shelving

If you’re looking for a quick refresh rather than a major overhaul, you can inject fresh pastel colour via feature shelving. Any of the pastel decors mentioned here will work beautifully. Just follow the lessons learnt from Calm and See the Light: a pastel teamed with a similarly toned warm neutral or woodgrain will create feelings of softness and tranquillity; contrasted against a stronger organic colour, it will bring freshness and energy.