Create the kitchen of your dreams with these up-to-the-minute ideas for colour, texture and cabinetry design

Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or giving an existing space a quick refresh, you’ll need some on-trend inspiration! Here are five of the latest kitchen design trends, complete with beautiful contemporary decors from Laminex Forecast 2020 to match.

Colour blocking for maximum impact

Solid colours will be the hero of interior design in the coming year, mostly applied in large singular blocks. Laminate is the ideal material for this, because it comes in a fantastic range of contemporary colours, and it can be used for everything from cabinetry and shelving to benchtops and splashbacks. This kitchen by designer Bree Leech is a perfect example of how to do it, with two decors that truly capture the nature-inspired essence of Laminex Forecast 2020. Laminex Green Slate, a rich warm-based green, and Possum, a soft yellow-green, work beautifully together in this simple yet bold design.

Green Kitchen with Laminex Green Slate and Possum
Wall panel in Laminex Possum, cabinetry and surface in Laminex Green Slate.
The organic beauty of curves

The popularity of curved designs has spread from the furniture fairs of Europe to the homes of Australia. In place of square shapes and sharp edges, we’re seeing cabinetry and island benches with rounded corners introducing an organic softness to residential kitchens. These trends are no more visible than in this Bree Leech designed kitchen with its marble-look column in Laminex Carrara Marble, curved cabinetry and rounded benchtop in Laminex Spinifex. Imagine how much easier and more affordable it is creating some of these curved shapes with laminate rather than carving them out of solid stone!

Laminex kitchen featuring Spinifex with curved a benchtop and cabinetry featuring arch design detail
Cabinetry and benchtop: Laminex Spinifex. Island base: Laminex Carrara Marble. Tile splashback: Tiento Tiles. Handles: Linear Standard. Designed by Bree Leech. Photography by Derek Swalwell.
More warmth, more colour

Choosing a neutral no longer means white, cream or grey. We’re increasingly seeing designers embrace warmer neutrals and natural colours in residential interiors, and these are a major part of the Laminex Colour Collection. For home renovators, that means more opportunity to bring warmth and vibrancy into your kitchen. Laminex Peruvian Clay, a warm mid-tone neutral with a beautiful pink undertone, is a stand-out option for cabinetry and benchtops. Or for a stronger sense of colour, muted organic greens like Seed and Bayleaf are incredibly popular – they instantly evoke the earthy honesty and tranquillity of the Australian bush.

Sub Palettes Calm Palette 2
Laminex Peruvian Clay
The calming elegance of tonal interiors

With the emergence of warmer and more colour-driven neutrals, there’s been a huge movement towards what designers call “tonal interiors”, where instead of strong contrast, we see only subtle shifts in colour between cabinetry and surfaces. With the right mix of decors, the effect can be enveloping, sophisticated and ethereal. Beautiful combinations revealed in Laminex Forecast 2020 include soft Silver Grey and mid-grey Pewter, or stone-based grey Alpine Mist and warm Pearl Grey. Ideally, the effect is extended to include walls and ceilings, a task made more achievable by the colour-pairing partnership between Laminex and Dulux.

Minimalist style kitchen featuring Laminex
Cabinetry Laminex Chalk White, benchtop Laminex Elemental Ash, splashback & cabinetry feature Laminex Elemental Ash & mirrored glass. Design and Styling: Bree Leech. Photographer: Derek Swalwell. Handles: Linear Standard & Pendant light: Rakumba Lighting.
Moody blues and art deco glamour

Darker hues have been big news in Australian kitchens for some time now, and coupled with the rise of blue as one of the colours of 2020, it’s driving a strong trend for richly coloured art deco-inspired interiors. To introduce this in your own home, consider cabinetry in a confident, sophisticated combination of classic blue Laminex French Navy, deep blue Midnight and intense grey Charcoal. Metallic accents are a glamorous accompaniment, perhaps via kickers in Brushed Brass and matching brass tapware or cabinetry handles. And for extra vibrancy, consider a splash of emerald green via walls and furniture upholstery.

Laminex French Navy kitchen
Cabinetry and panels Laminex SquareEdge French Navy & benchtops Essastone Fino Venato.
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