Add a new location


To add a new location go to - {Site}/Home/locator-tool/Locations and right click to insert new location and start specifying location and category information.

Note: When you add a new location, make sure its "Type" under properties section is marked as "locator tool"


Locator tool partial design 

As locator-tool is build as partial design (group of components), please go to - Experience Accelerator -> Partial Designs -> Locator tool in sitecore experience editor mode as displayed below. 


Change natural language text

To change natural language text, click on text and start editing it. 


Change secondary-Primary natural language filter relationship

To change secondary-primary language relation, go to secondary natural language filter and click on "Styles" icon. go to "Facet relation" section and change the primary category link. 


Change results count text

To change result count text, click on text and start editing it


Due to SXA and sitecore limitation, below configuration needs to be changed by going to sitecore content tree. 

Change/Add drop-down filter or checkbox filter item text 

To change category text go to - {Site}/Settings/Locator Tool Configuration and expand the category and change the "Label title" field to change text for the category list. 

Note - When you any change filter text, please do a index rebuild. To rebuild index, go to sitecore -> Control panel and click on "Indexing manager" under Indexing. 

Change radius range 

To change location radius range go to - {Site}/Data/Search/Radius Filter/Location Radius Scheme/Range and change "Value"


Component guidelines