Gallery item is a sitecore bucket item. When you view gallery folder you'll see "There are hidden items in this container.". To view/edit gallery items, you can use sitecore search tab. Sitecore offers a wide range of search filters, search operations, and facets to help you find the content item that you are looking for.

Add a new gallery

To add a new gallery go to - {Site}/Data/Gallery and right click to insert new gallery and start specifying gallery details and tags.


Add a new associated products

In gallery item one can link products to it. if author want to add new products or updated the existing one its located at {site}/Data/Products - right click to insert new products and start specifying details.


Gallery partial design 

As gallery is build as partial design (group of components), please go to - Experience Accelerator -> Partial Designs -> Gallery in sitecore experience editor mode as displayed below. 



Change filter title text

To change filter title, in experienc editor go to  Experience accelerator -> partial design -> Gallery and click on filter title to edit the text.


Due to SXA and sitecore limitation, below configuration needs to be changed by going to sitecore content tree. 

Change/Add checkbox filter subcategory text 

To change category text go to - {Site}/Settings/Gallery configuration and expand the category and change the "Label title" field to change text for the category list. 

Note - When you any change filter subcategory text, please do a index rebuild. To rebuild index, go to sitecore -> Control panel and click on "Indexing manager" under Indexing. 


Component guidelines

Gallery image spec: 

Landscape: 10:7

Portrait: 7:10