1. Add this component into "FB Container Fluid". 

2. Component Name - Custom Page Content -> Faq Quick Links

The component is list of Quick Link items which have the below fields

Field Name Description Comments
Image   Mandatory
Title Title text for the component Mandatory
text   Mandatory
Link Button link Mandatory

Rendering Variant - Quick Links


When there is no quick link items, click below "insert item" option to add a new quick link.


To add a new Quick Link item click at the end of any Quick Link item. Below dialog box will be displayed. When you click on '+', new Quick Link item will be created. 


Content author notes: 

It is recommended that below fields should not exceed specified number of characters

Title - 16 characters

Text - 130 characters

Button - title - 16 characters


Also it is recommended that component has at-least minimum 1 link item and maximum 16 link items