1. Component Name - Custom Page Content -> Banner carousel

Banner carousel component is list of banner carousel slides. Each slide contains below fields

Field Name Description Comments
 Title   Mandatory
Slide Image  


Desktop - Square 944 x 800px

Mobile - Landscape 375 x 262px

Slide Text Optional
 Slide Link   Optional
 Background color   Optional
 Mobile Image override   Setting this field will override the image displayed on mobile breakpoints

Rendering Variant - Default

Data-source Location - Data/Banner carousel folder

 Add this component into "FB Fluid Container".

To add a new banner carousel slide item click at the end of any banner carousel slide item. Below dialog box will be displayed. When you click on '+', new banner carousel slide item will be created.

Changing mobile image override - To change mobile override image, click on image icon (1)

Changing background color - To change background color click on color icon (2) on below dialog box.


Component guidelines

  • Maximum of four slides
  • Minimum of one
  • Transition animation is fade effect