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1. Component Name - 

Custom Page Content -> Feature Article
Field Name Description Comments
 ArticleHeading  Heading that appear on the left of component Will be rendered as a H1
ArticleCaptionText  Small text that appears above the heading To add a dash to the end of the caption use —
ArticleImage Image that appear on the component image ration needs to be 10:7
 ArticleText  Test that appears below the image  
 ArticleLink  Sets the link target for the clickable area of the component  Anchor will wrap the 'ArticleText' and 'ArticleLinkLable'
ArticleLinkLabel  Allows you to change the read more label  Will default to 'Read more'
 MobileImageOverride Image used on mobile devices

Setting this field will override the image displayed on mobile breakpoints

Aspect ratio: 10x7

 ArticleImage Image for bigger devices and desktops Aspect ratio: 10x7

Rendering Variant - Default

Data-source Location - 

/sitecore/content/Fletcher Building/Laminex AU/Data/FeatureArticle

To edit the mobileImageOverride field, click on below highlighted icon and update the image


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