Create a new form

To create a form, go to Forms dashboard and click create and click on blank form


Add a form field

  • To add a form fields from form elements, always insert a section first. 
  • To add a section on your from, in the form elements pane, in the structure section, drag the section element to the form.
  • For section, specify section name and css class - "form-group"
  • After adding a section, drag a field to a above added section and specify field name and validations. 

Note - To add a checkbox field, please user "Custom checkbox" instead of "Checkbox". 


Add a submit button

  • Similarly one can add submit button to the form. In details sections enter name for your button and, in the navigation step field, select submit.
  • You can also add submit actions - such as save data as shown in below image

Save a form

To save a form, click save to save and name the new form


Add a created form to a page

  • To add a created form to a page, create a new page in editor mode and and insert "Sitecore form wrapper" component from "Custom form" section. 
  • After adding add mvc form component and attach the newly created form to it. 
  • To add a intro text to a form, add a "section intro" component inside "Sitecore form wrapper" component.