Step 2:  Select your colour scheme

The ideal colour scheme for your kitchen layout should suit the size and shape of your room. To take the time and stress out of the colour selection process, we have chosen three colour schemes for your L-Shaped Kitchen project. Problem solved.

L-Shaped Kitchen: Light Tone

An efficient layout for classic and contemporary kitchens, the L-Shape style facilitates a work triangle for easy preparation, cooking and washing up, as well as clever corner storage space. Excellent for open floor plans, it makes cooking and interacting with others a breeze. 


This palette’s creamy neutral colours and textures work together seamlessly, making smaller spaces appear visually larger.

Design tips

Crisp white walls and ceilings are an effective backdrop for this palette and will make your room appear larger and brighter, while Pure Marble makes benchtops feel more generous. To maximise storage and space, add overhead cabinets in Seal Grey and for a stylish finish use Bliss Shitake for cabinetry interiors.

L-Shape Kitchen: Mid-Tone



Teal cabinetry creates a fresh expression in this kitchen – perfect for those who want to have some fun with colour.

Design tips

Coloured cabinetry is a great way to add character and a design edge to your kitchen. When selecting coloured cabinetry like Teal, balance its brightness with a neutral toned benchtop, like Baikal, and timber-look overheads. A wooden floorboard perfectly complements timber tones to complete the look.

L-Shaped Kitchen: Dark Tone


Marble, oak, and stone-inspired tones combine to create a classic kitchen with a contemporary feel.

Design tips

Incorporate Graphite into your cabinetry interiors and combine with Metallic hardware - both complement the colour scheme and provide a design-led edge that is easy and affordable. Use dark timber floors for a dramatic feel, or white or light flooring to provide contrast and relief. Can’t choose? Combine the two using tiles in both dark and light graphics.