Bendigo Library

Project: Bendigo Library

Location: Bendigo, Victoria

Background: The Bendigo Library is a community and civic space in rural Victoria. Award-winning architecture firm, MGS Architects, were briefed to transform the tired interior into a new contemporary space that referenced the adjacent Town Hall.  

Challenge: Inspiration from a range of local influences, including Bendigo’s history and fine art, was at the crux of the Bendigo Library redevelopment. MGS Architects combined historical influences with design principles to create an inviting, inclusive and flexible environment.

Results: The space represents the past, yet still referencing the future. Laminex Sublime Teak in Riven was used for joinery in the History Room of the Library. Laminex Sublime Teak and Laminex Charcoal was used as general joinery throughout the project. The design-leading look of Laminex Innovations Mirror Smoke also features in the Library joinery. The Library redevelopment has created an informal and playful space.

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