Milan report

The EuroCucina Exhibition in Milan is one of the biggest international design fairs attended by experts from around the globe. This year, we sent Laminex Australia’s Group Design Director, Neil Sookee, and Laminex Marketing Manager, Joanna Baker, to see what’s hot in interiors for 2014/15. Here’s what they found:

Copper and rose gold were the new darlings in Milan. Appearing not just as accessories, but in everything from joinery to tap wear.

High-tech componentry was a star, with technology used to create integration between living spaces. Our favourite was an enormous timber slab, under which hid the sink and an induction cooktop. With the press of a button, the slab slid across to hide the functional area and extend the living room.

The sophisticated use of colour highlights to complement woodgrains was the clear standout. Demonstrated above with yellow used for colour blocking and as an accent. Shades range from sorbet yellows to sun and acidic, to gold and aged gold.

Blue excels in popularity with dark licorice blues and oily teals used in cabinetry and lighter cornflower blue used for highlights. Some designs were refined and sophisticated, while others were just plain fun.