Specifying for fire safety without compromising on aesthetics

Architects and designers can now build a coordinated Laminex palette throughout a fit-out, even where fire-rated materials are required.

Designing and specifying for fire safety is of paramount importance, of course. But on projects where the National Construction Code (NCC) requires some building materials to have higher levels of fire retardancy, it can be challenging for architects and designers to coordinate surface materials across different aspects of a fit-out. With the launch of Laminex Fireguard Décor Group 2 decorated board, it will become much easier.

Fireguard MDF has long been a preferred fire-retardant substrate where Group 2 fire ratings are required, and this new product offering means that most of the current range of Laminex colours, patterns, woodgrains and finishes can now be specified with a Fireguard core. The implication for architects and designers is that they can build a complementary materials palette across an entire project, with different Laminex surface products specified for particular applications, and be confident that their design complies with the NCC.

According to Laminex Product Design Manager Neil Sookee, the new offering was developed as part of a broader vision for the Laminex product range. “We’ve been focused for some time on giving designers a palette of surface materials that covers every design scenario, and these new Fireguard Décor boards close the loop for projects where Group 2 materials are required,” he explains. “So in a commercial fit-out, for example, you might use moisture-resistant Lamiwood board for kitchen cabinetry and breakout areas, apply Laminex High Pressure Laminate to office partitions and furniture, and line the walls with the Fireguard Décor product. And they’ll be in the same decor, or a cohesive palette of decors, whatever’s required for a coordinated fit-out.”

Fireguard Décor Group 2 decorated board comes in two thicknesses, 12mm and 18mm, and can be supplied with Laminex’s full range of ABS edging. And it’s made with the same red-coloured core as the existing Fireguard Group 2 substrate, so it’s easy to confirm that the right product has been specified, delivered and installed.

Laminex Fireguard is made to order only.

For more information, please contact your Laminex Sales Representative or call Customer Service on 132 136.