Laminex Trends Forecast 2019: Perfect Imperfection

Celebrate the beauty of imperfection, the easy elegance of natural colours and textures, with six beautiful palettes designed to capture the spirit of 2019.

Design trends can seem ephemeral or transient, but Laminex approaches forecasting with two very pragmatic objectives in mind: guiding product development, so that architects and designers always have the colours and textures they need to bring their designs to life; and providing a contemporary framework for seamlessly integrating Laminex and Essastone decors and other architectural materials. The forecast for 2019, built on many months of research by Laminex Design Marketing Manager Catherine Valente and her team, captures a movement that’s been gaining pace for some time. It’s called Perfect Imperfection, and Valente describes it as “embracing our imperfect world, and discovering beauty and truth in the flawed and the unfinished.”

The spirit of Perfect Imperfection is reflected in new decors like Laminex Raw Birchply, which emulates the natural fibre detail of rotary birch ply, and Essastone Luna Concrete, an engineered stone with all the dimples and ripples and ridges of hand-trowelled concrete. Elsewhere we see cool clinical greys making way for warmer greys, colours and textures inspired by the Australian landscape, metallics with brushed rather than high-polish finishes, and deeper mid-tone neutrals. Throughout, authenticity and connection to the natural world are touchstones.

Perhaps most importantly for architects and designers, the Laminex forecast draws together cohesive palettes of Laminex and Essastone products, each reflecting key movements for 2019. There are neutrals palettes: Introspective, with its mid-tones and textures of woodgrain, linen and stone; and Regenerate, with earthy colours, deeper timber tones and textures of pressed fibres. And then accents palettes: Recharge, celebrating nude, soft coral and peach colours; Shadow, coordinating textured metallics, blacks and navy blues; Nostalgia, creating connections with the past through rich browns, red timbers and muted metallics; and Paradoxical, gathering together highly saturated colours that provide contrast and surprise.

The Laminex Trends Forecast 2019 Perfect Imperfection will be live in Novemeber 2018!