Master the Innovation journey

Laminex Australia, recently collaborated with the Master Builders’ Association to share their business’ brand, strategy and focus on innovation to other executives in the commercial and residential building industry in Western Australia. 

Held at the new Westin Hotel, the event bought together some 40 builders, developers, and industry experts to network and learn more about Laminex Australia. Laminex Australia Executive General Manager, Justin Burgess presented to the full house, on the broader picture of Fletcher Building and how Laminex Australia fits into Fletcher Building's overall group of brands. 

“Many builders don’t know much about Laminex and view us as rather small in respect of their supplier needs,” says Justin. 

“Their knowledge of Laminex is often referenced to benchtops and bathrooms. So, we wanted to increase the value of our brand in their eyes by sharing the bigger picture.” 

Justin and Managing Director of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia Andrew Nelson also held an interview style presentation on Laminex’s vision and commitment to innovation through some fresh thinking, “Blue Ocean Strategy”.  

The Blue Ocean “thinking” looks to disrupt and create new markets rather than try to beat the competition. The approach will create and capture new demand, pursue differentiation and low cost, and seeks to make the competition irrelevant.

Justin, delivered a case study on Fletcher Building, focusing particularly on the iconic Australian brand, Laminex, which has been a leading innovator for over 80 years. The recent restructure of the Fletcher Building Portfolio has seen Dean Fradgley at the helm of the Australian division, navigating 8 strong brands, 5,600 employees and a new 5-year plan. 

“Laminex Australia has always had to innovate,” says Justin. “You can’t survive for over 80 years and grow to employ 1500 people without changing with the times. Using Blue Ocean Strategy has driven us to achieve greater success for growth.” 

The business also heard from Michael McLean, Executive Director of the Master Builders’ Association who shared a market update and commended the recently awarded builders who consistently demonstrate innovative and exceptional work. 

Feedback from the attendees was positive, with Steve Okill, General Manager Georgiou Construction Group saying, “the session was quite insightful and interesting," and Christian Perrin from Shape Group Australia remarking the session was “very enjoyable and informative.” 

“I found the session very informative and thought provoking”, says Michael Bartier, Executive General Manager BGC Residential. Shelford Construction among others and asked to share the presentation with their own management team.

This opportunity has raised our credibility and profile to a very important group of people, says Rachel Hartwig, Sales Manager Commercial & Specification.